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Installing ArcGIS Enterprise Builder silently

ArcGIS Enterprise Builder can be installed without a user interface by running the setup using command line parameters.

Installation command line parameters

The following are the setup command line parameters to be used when installing ArcGIS Enterprise Builder silently.

<location of setup>/Builder.exe GIS_INSTALLDIR=<new install dir> GIS_USER_NAME=arcgis GIS_PASSWORD=<password> SERVER_AUTHORIZATION=<location of authorization file> /qn

GIS_INSTALLDIR= This parameter is the location you want to install to. By default this is "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS". If you would like to use the default installation location, you do not have to specify GIS_INSTALLDIR at command line.

GIS_USER_NAME= This parameter is required. The default account to run the services for Portal, Server and Data Store is "arcgis". If you would like to use a different account, you must specify this parameter. For example, to use your domain account or Managed Service Account this will be GIS_USER_NAME=<domain>\<username>

GIS_PASSWORD= This parameter is required. If the user already exists, you must provide the correct password. If the user does not exist, and it is a local account, the setup will create the user for you. Your password must meet the operating system requirements for password creation.

SERVER_AUTHORIZATION=This parameter is required. Provide the location of your ArcGIS Server authorization file. If you do not provide a valid authorization file on the command line, the setup will not complete successfully.

WAPortal=The name of your ArcGIS Web Adaptor for Enterprise portal. The default name is portal. If you would like to use the default, you do not have to specify WAPortal at command line.

WAServices=The name of your ArcGIS Web Adaptor for your hosting server. The default name is server. If you would like to use the default, you do not have to specify WAServices at command line.

/qn This parameter will install the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder setup silently without user dialogs. If you require a dialog when the setup is complete, use /qb.

A setup log, ArcGISEntBuilder.log, is automatically created in the ProgramData directory.

Command lines are case sensitive.