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Capture slides

Slides show different views of your scene. The slides can have different basemaps, layer visibility, daylight settings, and extents. You can use them in scenes you share with others to tell an interactive story with the information in your scene. You can also use them as a starting point when you reopen the scene.

What are states?

Slides store the state of the scene. A state is the camera position (or extent of your scene), the daylight settings, the selected basemap, and the status of the visibility checks in the Layers menu. If you navigate to a different view in your scene or change layer visibility, you can click this slide to return your scene to the state you previously saved in the slide.


Slides store your scene state and save your configured content. If you change your layer configuration, the slide will update and save the new layer configurations automatically. For example, if you create a Parks slide with park symbols as green spheres and change the park symbols to orange cubes, when you click on the Parks slide, your parks will be orange cubes, rather than the green spheres you originally saved in the state. Some examples of scene visualizations not stored in slides are layer symbology, ground and background color, and underground navigation.

Capture a slide

Capture a slide of your scene so you can return to it or share it with others.

  1. Verify you are signed in to the portal and open Scene Viewer.
  2. Click the Modify scene button Modify scene in the upper left of your screen to open the Designer.
  3. To capture slides, click Slides or the Open button Open to the right.
  4. Click + Capture slide. A new slide appears with the name Slide 1 in Slides and also a thumbnail is generated at the bottom of the scene.
  5. Click the Slide 1 name to highlight it.
  6. Give it a new name. Scene Viewer shows the new slide name in Slides and in the slide thumbnails.
  7. Create additional slides or click Done.

Modify slides

Update your slide with new layer configurations, content, and layer visibility.

  1. Change your extent, add or remove content, or give your layers a new configuration. You can modify your slides with the following options:
    • Click the Remove Slide button Remove slide to delete the slide.
    • Hover over the slide in the Slides pane and click the drop-down arrow Drop-down to the right to reveal more Slides options:
      • Update Slide resets the slide to the state of the current view.
      • Move up moves the slide up one level and changes the order in the slide thumbnails.
      • Move down moves the slide down one level and changes order at the bottom of the Viewport.
      • Rename allows you to give the slide a new name.
      • Remove deletes the slide.
  2. Click Done.