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GeoRSS is a live web feed that includes geographic features and locations. For example, a transportation department might maintain a GeoRSS of current vehicle accidents in its area. You could add the feed as a layer on your map and it would appear as point symbols with pop-ups. Whenever you open or refresh your map, you see the latest information from the GeoRSS feed.

Supported formats

Map Viewer follows standards for encoding GeoRSS—Simple and GML.

  • GeoRSS-Simple—Supports point, line, box, polygon, and circle
  • GeoRSS GML—Supports point, line, box, and polygon

Both formats work with Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0.

Display GeoRSS layers in your map

  • A GeoRSS can contain three layers: one for points, one for lines, and one for polygons. If your GeoRSS has multiple layers, they appear as one layer in the map.
  • You can change single symbols in single-layer GeoRSS layers.
  • You cannot configure pop-ups.