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Set scene properties

In the scene Properties pane, you can make changes that affect global properties in your scene, such as the title or the background color.

To open Properties, do the following:

  1. Verify you are signed in to the portal and open Scene Viewer.
  2. Click Modify scene Modify scene at the upper left of your screen to open the Designer.
  3. Click Properties to modify scene properties.

Item detail information

In Properties, you can set the item detail properties of the Thumbnail, Title, Summary, and Tags.

Background color

Background color allows you to uniquely stylize your scene by choosing a scene background color to improve your story. For example, you can choose a white background that emphasizes your buildings. When you select a background color the sky and stars in your scene are removed and only the selected color is visible for the scene background.

  1. Click the Background color palette to choose a custom color for your scene background.

    To remove the custom color and restore the scene atmosphere, click No Background Color in the palette.

  2. Click Done.

Clip to extent

In a local scene, you can clip the basemap and layers to the current extent of your view. This is useful for increasing performance, focusing key elements of your project, and interacting with layers that are underground.

  1. Click Properties.
  2. Click Clip to Extent to clip your local scene to the current view.
  3. Navigate around the scene to a new camera view and click the Update To Current View button Update to Current View to update the clipped extent to reflect your current view in the scene.
  4. Click Done.