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Manage job properties

Job attachments can be managed for the selected job in the Details panel on the Manage or Work page. Complete these setups to update job properties in the Workflow Manager web app:


To edit job properties, the just must not be closed and your must be assigned to one of the current steps or be the job owner to edit job properties. You must also have sufficient privileges to manage job properties.

  1. Click the Edit Job Details button Edit Job Details in the Details panel.

    If you don’t have sufficient privileges, you won’t see the Properties tab on the Details panel.

  2. Update job properties as necessary.

    Extended job properties that aren't configured to be editable can't be updated.


    The Assign to Self button allows you to assign the job to yourself if you're listed in the job's assignable users list.

  3. Click the Save Edits button Save Edits to save the changes.

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