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Open Web App

The Open Web App step can be used to integrate web pages and web apps in the Workflow Manager web app. This allows Workflow Manager users to seamlessly interact with the web page or web app and Job panel on the Workflow Manager Work page.

When the step is run, the web page or application defined in the step opens in the Work page. Step information is displayed in the Details panel and can be minimized by clicking the Minimize button Collapse Panel. If your account has the Update Properties role, you can update job properties on the Details panel.

When the step is running you can perform the following actions:

  • Click the Pause Step button Pause Step to pause the step and return to the Work page.
  • Click the Complete Step button Complete Step to finish the step and return to the Work page.

If the step has not been configured with Can Be Skipped, the step must be run or paused at least once before it can be finished.


If the step is already being run by another person, the step's status will display Running Running.

Configure the step

Complete these steps to configure the Open Web App step to open a web page or web app in the Workflow Manager Work page.


To reduce security vulnerabilities, the Open Web App step should only be configured for trusted web pages and web apps.

  1. Drag Open Web App from the Step Library to a connection arrow of a step on the workflow canvas.

    The Settings panel appears.

  2. Provide a name for the step in the Step Name text box.
  3. Optionally, provide a description for the step in the Step Description text box.
  4. Configure step options in the Options section as necessary.
    • Automatically Executes—Runs the step as soon as it becomes active.
    • Can Be Skipped—Allows the step to be finished without being run.
  5. In the Logic section, type the URL of the web page or web app in the Application URL text box.

    You can also use ArcGIS Arcade expressions in the Application URL text box. For example,<BranchVersionedFeatureServiceName>/?versions='+jobVersion($job,'<DatasourceName>')+'&extent='+jobLocation($job).

    Learn more about dynamic job properties


    The Open Web App step only supports URLs with no embedding restrictions and public web apps in an ArcGIS Enterprise portal. Secured applications in an ArcGIS Enterprise portal and web sites with mixed content are not supported.

  6. Optionally, click the Help tab and provide help text for the step in the Help text box.
  7. Optionally, click the Style tab to change the shape and color of the step.

Return codes

When the step finishes running, it sends a return code to indicate the result of the step. The return code is evaluated, and the workflow follows all paths that match the step's return value. The following is a list of return codes:

Return codeDescription


The step failed to complete successfully.


The step completed successfully.

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